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3. Skills to master to work from home and make money

Working from was viewed like impossible, only fake gurus selling course or methods, needless to say that the money they were making was from the courses, yes, they were making money online from you.
But know things have changed for good, is what millions of people are doing across the world since this pandemic struck us.
  1. Don’t be afraid of a highly competitive market, there is a lot of money to be made in that market. You will need to niche down or specialize, for instance, find sub-niches within the main niche, don’t try to be generic, Being a generalist actually weakens you, most generalists are broke. Master one subject and show your expertise on it creates a unique mechanism,
  2. Skillset to posses Messaging, people who can help businesses form & craft better messages. Wich skillset resonates most with you? Start practicing, learning, and mastering your craft, whether is getting some extra training, reading a book, or working on the task and researching on the go, the idea is to get the message to your audience, creative writing, video, and video editing, this is for the purpose to illustrate so you can get the bigger picture. As long as you have these skillsets it’s going to be on-demand. Now there are low level and high-level skillsets, you need to generate conversions of a sales process, conversion turns a lead into a need, and then into a sale.
  3. Ads, the skillset of utilizing ads, wether is Facebook, Google, and Youtube, spend time mastering these crafts, as an example, let’s imagine that you commit to getting really good at Youtube ads helping real estate agents, from now on you will devote yourself to begin watching training until you master this type of ads.

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