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How to make a living online 2020

With the worldwide web taking over and influencing our lives on a daily basis, particularly now due to the events we are experiencing globally with the work from home and social distancing, more people are looking to ways to earn money online and continue being part of the productive life.

Earning money has been associated with a 9 to 5 job, exchanging time for money, that have shaped  our reality for centuries, being hired by someone else to do a task and then get paid for it, this have been wired into our brain for generations.

The good news is that this way of earning a living for those of you who have an open mind is over, it doesnt mean that you are going to leave your job right away, it is something that you should do gradually.

With the internet we can find all the information needed to transition to to this lifestyle at our finger tips.

You should be aware that there is a lot of false information out there, research any information about this subject carefully.

  1. Building your own website

In this era regardles of your occupation a website showcasting your services, products, skills etc, is necessary. There is variety of ways to monetize your site or blog. The first step is beging building your site, please note that there is a lot of web professionals who will charge from US $ 500 to 1500, depending on the type of site you want to build, however, there is nothing like the satisfaction you feel when you can accomplish it by yourself. Visit our guide on How to build a website.
Once your site is ready you can apply to sign up for Google Adsense which is advertisement Google display on your site and when clicked by visitors you will generate income, please note that this is not a get rich fast scheme as your income depends on many factors such as what niche you are into and others factors such as keywords and where your visitors are coming from etc.

2. Freelancing

They are many websites on the internet that showcase freelancers with a variety of skills who offer their expertise to potential clients, these professionals are scored by clientys after finishing a project, in this way they can be chosen according to rate each client gave them. In order to access theitr services clients need to create an account, browse through the listing of services and apply for the task that you are looking for. Among the sites that offers these services are,, etc.
Keep in mind that you will only be paid once you successfully complete the given task and it have been approved by the client. You might need to set up a Paypal account in order to receive your payment.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the sources of income that many bloggers and website owners opt to since they can offer very good commissions, as with Google Adsense you might need to get approved after submiting your application. However, it could be very rewarding. You will need to get targeted visitors to your sites in order to have people interested in signing up from your site advertising which will be tracked down to your affiliate link in this way you can get paid for the new client who purchased through your affiliate banner.
Also, many of them offers recurring commissions which is ideal for those of us who love passive income.  ask yourself what can I promote that give not only passive, but income that is recurring in nature.

4. virtual assistant

 There are a lot of entrepreneurs worldwide who uses  the services of virtual assistants, bassically is a remote job they manages aspects of their clients business that they dont have time to manage themselves. You can advertise your services as your own business or work as an employee.
Virtual Assistants are professionals that offers support to companies, entrepreneurs and businesses.
The tasks that will be performed can be among others , social media management, phone calls, answering emails, research, appointment scheduling, data entry, book keeping, graphic design, marketing. tech support etc.
This require some level of training depending on qualifications. If you posses excelent communication skills and are able of using most MS Office applications you can sign up on different sites such as,, etc.

5. Translator

Knowing additional languages may help to earn some extra money. There are may websites out there that offers translation services, in a variety of ways from translating documents, websites and blogs to being a medical translator when it comes from Doctor to Patient who doesnt speak the patient language. This may include laguages such asSpanish, French, Arab, German or any other language to English or viceversa.

Companies involved in these type of business will hire translators from anywhere in the world to complete these tasks, there many platforms online that require you to  sign up to showcase your services and strat bidding on translation projects.

6. Tutoring

Depending on the subject that you master you can earn by offering your tutoring services both online and offline. There so many online tools to do so, such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet Etc. Online tutoring provides a means to connect with students of all ages across the world.

There ways to do it all by yourself, this will require to run advertisements and maybe to set up a website to showcase your expertise. 

Please visit our article on how to build a website to gain the skills needed  to it all by yourself with minimal investment, there are tools you must have in order to so such as Hosting, Domain and a reliable Sitebuilder such as the ones recommended in our article.

At the other hand you can sign up on sites such as MyPrivatetutor,com, etc. Some of the platforms may offer flexible and convenient time to work, they follow a process, you might apply by filling out a form, once selected, documentation and profile creation will be finished, followed by a training and induction webinar. Once you attend the webinar, you will be listed as teacher.

7. Social Media Comunity Managers

Social media platforms are used in a variety of ways from interacting with peers and friends to business use such as customer service when having a business page to advertising products, services etc.

Companies and brands pays comunity managers to boost their popularity along with their products or services. Companies know that they need to stay relevant to their competition, there is no better place to showcase than on social media.

Creativity is a must for these job, as you will need to create videos, posts that can have users engagement and can go viral quickly.

8. Web Design

To show your business online a website is needed, is like your brick and mortar office or shop, the difference is that it is going to be accessible  worldwide, and you can offer your products and services to global a community you can also limit it to your surroundings a great tool to begin with is Woocommerce Hosting from Siteground.

When it comes to building your website Elementor is the sitebuilder plugin needed, no coding experience required, there is different ways to earn with a website further research is required to gain knowledge on how to. Youtube is a great source to learn about this topic. 

Now a days if you have the determination to do it yourself you will realize that it is easier that you imagined. 

9. Content writing

Website owners and bloggers may require writers for their articles, knowledge regarding keywords can be an asset as must clients will require this, researchers and and creative content writers will have an edge when it comes to getting hired.

Online platforms can be a good place to begin with, you will be asked to work upon articles with specific guidelines. you should have many hats to wear, you cannot focus in one nicheas there is a variety of niches that could require your services. If you specialize in one niche you might be narrowing down your clients.

10. Blogging

If you have a passion for a topic, something that you live for, it can be a career option, start by building your blog, there are many free platforms out there to share your passion and at the same time profit from it as you can monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, products review and many more ways, this is something that can be done gradually as your blog becomes popular or known for your articles and reviews.

In the event you would like to have a proper blog with your personalized domain name you might need a Hosting, most of them includes a domain name of your choice for one year.

Recommended hosting Service

11. Youtube

Is very popular in these time, lots of people are monetizing in different niches, it takes hardwork and time, if you have the type of personality that can be confortable in front of a camera with ease or doesnt want to showcase yourself either way you can give it a try, as there are so many ways to earn with this platform.

The first step is to create a chanel, it is straight forward, the platform gives all the tools needed to succeed.

You dont need expensive equipment to begin with, as Youtube include an easy to use video editor in the chanel, also you find free secreen and voice recorder to make tutorials, the sky is the limit.

11. Ebook publishing

Every man should plant a tree, have a child and write a book. Atributed to the Talmud snd Jose Marti, Cuban revolutionary and poet.

With technology booming it became easy to publish your book without the help of publisher. Now anybody can self publish their own either e-books or paper books with Kindle Direct Publishing, it takes less than 10 minutes and your book will appear on Kindle Stores worldwide within 48 hours. Publisher can earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers located in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. However, not limited to the ones mentioned. Rights of author is always yours, you can also setyoir own prices and makes changes to your book at any time.

12. Online store


Selling products online, it all begin with your Ecommerce website, and a good platform to host your site with the tools needed.

The Best Home For Your Online Store. Woocommerce Hosting by SiteGround

Even though, there is a lot of Ecoomerce stores out there, is still a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to go for it, at the other hand there are sites llike Amazon that lets you sell your products on their site.